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Updated: Apr 25, 2021

A Disastrous Love Life

My inspiration was Mili's project, which one day was presented at Pablo Picasso's house, and he proposed to do a shooting in Long light exposure. The two had a great time and came out with some gorgeous shots that night. I chose with my idea to present the love life of Picasso, with the help of the artist Weef Smith. I started working with him 10 weeks ago. There were 4 shooting dates, all were done in the evening. I started in the 5th week of the project to shoot with a very clear idea, and I consider that I got what I wanted, but there are definitely improvements to be made. In the first part we started shooting indoors , and after I exposed the project to my colleagues, and received feedback, we all decided that it would be more appropriate to change the background and make the outdoor project in the artist's garden.

As a project it was a counter-clock fight, because I realized that to work in long-exposure you need a lot of timers next to you. In the first pictures, from 1 to 5 I used a light throw of about 5 seconds on Weef, which gave me a ghost effect; and in the last picture we put the light so that the subject can be seen better, in our case Weef, to have a face/figure from him.

Starting with the title of the project "A Disastrous Love Life", I want to express the life of the person who inspired me, the painter Pablo Picasso. He had 4 wives, 3 of whom died, and all were cheated. He had a big problem with changing his wife's body after the birth of his child. He no longer considers them attractive, and looks for the next girlfriend / wife. Most were betrayed but he did not want to divorce, so he married the next only after his current wife died.

I created a series of 6 images, using the light graffiti technique and with the help of the artist Weef Smith, a friend of mine. The images successively contain the stages from loneliness and love, to the family and its destruction. Her alone, Picasso alone, both of them falling in love, forming a family, having a child and him running away and leaving his family.

In post-production I created the same light intensity in all 6 pictures, so that they all look alike, and there are no differences between them. Fortunately, I managed to exceed my initial expectations and I am incredibly happy with the outcome of the project.

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