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Strategy and planning

Updated: Jun 25, 2021


  • I am planning to interview at least 3 locals

  • I am planning to shoot 6 locals as they are washing their clothes

  • I will be shooting how the locals use the water

  • The first test will be on 10.05.2021

  • I will be using Sigma 85 mm, 1.4 lens

  • I am planning to shoot in the village "Geamana"

  • I will be using a voice recorder

  • I am planning to photograph near the toxic water

  • I will be using Photoshop, to enhance the contrast of the light and shadows

  • I will stay at a fairly distance

  • I buy a plane ticket with check-in luggage for my cameras

  • I rent a car to move around in Romania

If that does not turn out good enough as I think, and it has no impact, it is plain then:


  • I will shoot 6 images of the village and the landscape

  • I am planning to shoot the dead nature, the toxic water and everything that changed

  • i will be using a 12mm lens, F2.8 ultra wide angle

  • i will be using a drone ( Phantom 4)

  • I will be using a Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 sport Super telephoto Zoom Lens

  • i am planning to shoot outside, near the toxic lake, where I can be safe

  • i will be asking one of the locals to inform me about the changes

  • i am planning to use a different part of their life, in every picture

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