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Final 6 images

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Colour skin palette

The 9 weeks of the project it was very hard and full of surprises. I allocated the first 3 weeks, doing research and modifying the project based on the current possibilities. Initially, I started with the idea of photographing the entire iris, and trying to expose them to the public, on a black background. While experimenting with several lenses and continuing the online searches on our subject, I discovered that in order to have a sharp capture, I would need a medical camera, so I moved on, and I developed my idea to some portraits. Using my Sigma 85 mm art F 1.4 lens, I reached my desired results. I like that the eyes are very clear and the details are outstanding, and that the facial structure, and the texture is visible. In the images below you can see certain stages of the project called Color Skin Palette made from 20.01.2021 to 14.03.2021, and made in full LOCKDOWN in London.

I edited the photos in Photoshop, put the light in my eyes, and cleaned the shadows.

Each time I measured the seat at a distance of 1 meter and a half from me. I gave the same intensity of light to create an identical series; and in postproduction I made them similar. The green tint on the LED cover gives an interesting colour, which I find stunning, and adds to a picture, makes it more special.

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