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Exhibition presentation

Updated: Jul 4

My exhibition has been envisioned from the beginning of the project, but since there are always unforeseen things, I believe I have the ability to adapt and create a pleasing visual.

From the beginning, I envisioned not only an exhibition of photographs but also an installation. Considering that this exhibition represents Paralympic athletes in the canoeing department, I thought of creating an installation with a paddle broken in half, joined with an artificial prosthetic leg. This idea aligns with the fact that all the athletes visually represented in my images have an amputated leg.

I believe that this installation has added significant value to my exhibits, receiving numerous accolades.

Once I received the prints on 4mm tempered glass with holes at the edges for mounting, I noticed a mistake in the print. All the images had the iris on the right side, but one was mistakenly edited and printed with the iris on the left side.

I came up with the idea to exhibit this way because I believe that the printing error with the iris on the opposite side will confuse viewers without being too obvious.

Once I arrived at the gallery, I was given a space with three walls and had to modify my initial plan, which was designed for a single wall.

The mounting system was designed to be as minimalist as possible so that it would not be evident in the artwork.

I believe I found the perfect method to display the photographs and the paddle installation, as I learned from subsequent feedback.

Since I am not a fan of business cards, I chose the touch card option where visitors can tap a card with their phone and automatically receive all the information about the artist.

However, the visitor can take a postcard where they can be offered a 10% discount for a future order.

I drew inspiration for this idea from several marketing campaigns.

Also, from social media, I prefer to be recognized inside the gallery, so I am very proud of this. Therefore, I requested to have two t-shirts hand-painted with the image of irises.

Since I was aware that there wouldn't be time for personal photos, I spoke with a professional photographer friend who offered me a very good price. They captured my image and that of my exhibition. These photos will be used for press purposes and for my personal artist advertising.

I believe this exhibition has crowned all these years of study at Morley College, and it turned out exactly as I envisioned. The only thing I would change is to make it more evident that the other individuals featured are world champions and part of the GB Team. I've noticed that many people don't read the artist statement and therefore don't realize how important and decorated the individuals in the photographs are.



I believe that reaching out to various newspapers in Romania and the UK, and sending a professional press release to television stations and newspapers, has been successful. I am scheduled to give two interviews on Romanian television channels in the coming days.

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