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Feedback from the audience

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I showed the result to the public, with the final picture of the iris, which was very appreciated, but comparing with another picture, the split light portrait, it was very poor. The vast majority decided that it would be more appropriate to show the full face of the subjects, and it would fit better to ne National Identity subject.

Through a discussion with a colleague, I came to the conclusion that the picture with the iris is good, but more perfect than that can not be done only with the help of OPHTHALMIC INSTRUMENTS. I would have need gland imaging system, digital slit lamp camera with integrated illumination ring, with a SuperView lens giving an even wider retinal field of view for easier fundus examination.

I found that the new idea is much better than the iris itself, because in order to have the perfect image of the iris, I would have to buy cameras and lenses specially made for optics, and it is not worth to invest my money into something, which I use only once for a project.

After more discussions I decided to make a close-up of the face, where even the one who observes the picture can gather a lot of visual information about the portrait in front of him.

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