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First shoot on film

Updated: Jan 20, 2022



1:2,8 80 mm

medium format

Zenza Bronica was a Japonese manufacturer of classic medium-format cameras and photographic equipment. Their single lens reflex system cameras competed with Pentax, Hasselblad and Mamiya.

FIlm used :

120 Film


Black and White

ISO 400

Amazon price 3x

£ 27.95


It's an alternative Film among many other Professional emultion out there. Has a strong contrast and a rich pallette of greys in our case. Lomography is an experimental form of photography using film and old fashioned analogue cameras.


Evaluative comments:

What I like about this particular camera is the size and the compactness of the camera, compared to other medium-format cameras. It is comfortable to carry and to shoot with. The image quality is very high, the lens is very sharp. The viewfinder is big and bright, so you can clearly see the shooted object.

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