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Photo tasks - online class

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

3 february, 2021

Self portait against plain white background in the style of Thomas Ruff.

The requirement was to make a self portrait in 60 minutes.

The picture was taken from a tripod, using a remote control. I took 14 shots, of which I consider the most successful the one exposed.

retouched - Final picture : 4th of February

Evaluative Comments

  • I was succesful immitating the style of Thomas Ruff and get in a close up portrait, however the position would have been better. The photo would have been centered better, because is tending toward the left side. I am happy with the result, although it is much easier to take this kind of photograph of someone else, than doing an autoportrait.

2nd Photo TASK

10 february, 2021

Blurred portrait

1.6 shutter speed/ F9

The idea was to create a blurred portrait, using slow shutter speed.

Evaluative Comments

  • I think i should have done the setting better, and also to add at least one speedlight to freeze every moment.

3rd Photo TASK

24 february, 2021

The topic was : Fire, Water, Air, Earth

The requirement was to make picture of these elements in 75 minutes

To take the pictures, I used a spray for fire; water dripping for the Water; grass for Earth; and spray with a light to freeze it, and to simulate the Air. We had to decide with a single picture, and I decided to combine all the 4 elements used, for the single picture.

I took 140 pictures.

Evaluative Comments

  • If i would have had more time, i would have made the pictures with the same background, but i used all the time I had, trying to represent all the 4 elements. As a first try, I like the photos, but I would definetly make them again, more profesionnaly, because now I have the experience and the idea. I do not like, that the hand is placecd differently, and the background is different, because it looks messy, and random. Next time i will definetly, put some more thoughts on them.

4th Photo TASK

Estate agent photography

GIven time: 60 minutes

I shoot in Landscapes and portrait mode too, in a total of 68 pictures.

I used the HDR technique, and i combined the first three photos to create the final photo, but I also had to manipulate the light to get the perfect image

Evaluative Comments

  • For getting a better image, i would have change the view point of the picture; would have been put the camera for a better simmetry, and also I would have repositioned the chair, and I would have taken the bottle on the left side of the picture. I absolutely love this HDR technique, and i will definetly use this method in the future. I do not like, that i didn't pay much attention to the details, in the scene, but I wouldn't thought that it would look this amazing.

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