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Professional Iris Camera

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Felix Mayrl is one of the founders of IRIS PHOTO Innovation, which in 2005 began taking high-resolution photographs of the human iris and turning them into a piece of art. Over the years, after many experiments, he tried several iris photography systems, and the last version 3.0 reached 2020.

To obtain such high quality, they used optics and lighting technology, electrical engineering, programming.

In the giff you can see how the device lights up the camera, and the eye, and also captures in super macro

Out of curiosity, I asked for information, and the price of the franchise, to approximate how much it would cost to open a new office in London. I am waiting for an answer.

After a few days I got an email from this company, with a lot of personal question, so I stopped there with my investigation.


I spent quite a bit of time in order to research and communicate with the company, and when i got the answer i stopped. It was very interesting but it made me realise that it is not the path i want to take, and it is not something i was going to pursue. However the information is very valuable, and i might use it in the future.

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