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How to develop a film

Updated: Jan 20, 2022


Images are indicative, to see the process. Every step must be done in complete darkness.

In the first picture we can see the equipment. There are 2 spirals, of which one is a backup one, in case we drop the first one. In complete darkness, we have no chance to find it.

We introduce the roll in the middle. The film is rolled up in the spiral. The spiral is positioned on the roll. We cover up the spiral with the funnel, and from this moment the film is completely safe in the dark. For extra safety, we put the lid on, and then we turn on the lights.

I looked on the characteristics of developing a film.

In this case, I used Lomography Lady Grey with Rodinal developer. After short research, I found out that for 120 medium-format film, i have a dilution 1+25 with 5minutes process.

I prepared 4 cilinders. I put in the first one 20 ml of Rodinal Developer to mix with 500 ml of water (second cilinder) strictly at 20 degrees Celsius. In the third one, I added 500 ml of stop and ending with 500 ml of fix.

Developer : 5 minutes

Stop: 30 seconds

Fix: 4 minutes

Wash: 20 minutes


Evaluative comments:

Each step must be done in the correct order, and all fluids in the correct weight, and the timing must be exactly how it said, otherwise the desired result will not come out, and small defects will appear.

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