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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I altered the colours using lightroom and I tried to give a colour as natural as possible. The green shade is an effect of light reflection from the case, easily alterable in lightroom. In the following images you can see the first image without filters and in the second, the image with the final colour.

After I tried to make the colours authentic to the natural tones, I still stayed with the original light, with the one with a touch of green, because it gives a gloomy effect to the photos. Instead, trying to capture the viewer's attention, I applied a brush next to the sitter's iris. I consider, that more light in the subject's eye reveals a mystery, giving it a pleasant sensation, and at the same time offering more information. Viewing the pictures, I saw that the background light was slightly different in almost every photo, so I used the brush tool to even out the background colour, to give a pleasant final look to the images.

I am happy that I edited the photo, because that is how i realised that I like the original photo better. I did not like, that the eyes were darker, so I brightened the iris, to make it more visible.

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