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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

  • During this shooting I had a lot of additional costs

  • For this project, based on the current situation I have a lot of issues, beginning with the travelling. The Covid-19 situation it confuses me a lot, and it limits me.

  • I am planning to travel to Romania, in a small village called “Geamăna”. Fortunately, in this period Uk is on Romania's green list, so I didn't have to quarantine.

  • I bought plane tickets plus check-in luggage for my photo equipment which cost me the same amount of money as the ticket itself.

  • The plaing ticket was 102 pounds a way plus the check-in baggage, with is a must, because I can't do anything without it.

  • I also had, the car cost at 117 pounds with another 900 pounds blocked for warehouse, which turned out the cheapest option for rent

  • I was looking for a Facebook group about Geamana where I put an ad, and people got in touch with me, and they was happy to help me, even the mayor !

  • I set up meetings with people, and I planed to shoot them.

  • The route turned out very unfavorable and a total insurance was preferred, because scratches and small blows can occur, and the rental guys suggested me a full coverage.

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