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Updated: Jun 22

My main promotion channel is Instagram. That's where I have gained experience and it's the platform where I am most often contacted and commissioned. Lately, I can say that I have gone viral with certain Reels, having an impressive number of views for the UNIC project.

As a secondary platform, I use TikTok where I have become popular. I quickly went viral with certain videos showing how my paintings are made and delivered to the families who ordered them. I have reached millions of views and a substantial number of 51k followers. My marketing idea is mostly based on social media, where I bring my followers from one platform to another.

In the following images, you can see the large numbers of views and likes.

As third platform, I use Facebook. Unfortunately, my official Facebook page was hacked 8 months ago, and I am still trying to recover it through various methods. I have sought help from Citizens Advice because that page had a blue badge, which is a paid service. Currently, we are still in discussions to be able to send an official letter to Facebook.

Unable to access that page, I immediately decided to create a new page, which I believe has started to perform just as well as the lost one, already reaching 3.8k friends.

I have also established my presence on LinkedIn, where I follow and am followed by important people in the photography sector.

Another platform that strengthens my online presence is my website, although this platform is not yet at the level of my expectations. In the near future, I will contact a design firm to completely revamp the website to a professional level. Additionally, I want to improve my online search presence on Google (SEO), which is why I chose to work with a company that handles both the graphic aspect and advertising.

Being of Romanian nationality, such services are cheaper in Romania, so I chose to use this service with a Romanian company.

Additionally, many articles have been written about me as a photographer and my project UNIC. Articles about my life story as a photographer have been published both in the UK and in other countries.

I have also promoted my project on several television shows in Romania, where I saw an increase in orders nationwide. This was a marketing strategy to become known on small screens and to increase sales within my project.

I also chose to prepare a mini commercial with the help of a videographer friend to be presented on online platforms.

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