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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

A few months ago I created a logo using my personal fingerprint outlining my face. after a while I noticed that no matter how ingenious it is, it doesn't help me at all.

People when they see my pictures, seeing the logo they can't find me, or recognisable. It looks good if it is in large format but as a signature on each picture it is not functional. Each picture must have a personal signature of mine, after which it should be clear that I am the author of those photographs. In addition to the logo, I also created a signature using different font for almost every letter. Recently I adjusted it a little bit in Photoshop. I added a shadow to the letters and lowered the fill. This way it looks much more professional, chich on the pictures.

I made it very

  • easy: my name : Alexandru Radu Popescu

  • clear: what types of photographer I am: FINE ART PORTRAIT

Last week I managed to open my own photo studio.

Props I bought for the studio, and required for the pictural type of photo :

The studio is mostly intended for Fine Art Portrait photography . I got inspired by the paintings of Caravaggio who was a madman , a genius , and an innovator of the art of painting in that era. While reading about his life and his style of painting and I paid close attention to the direction light, models faces, gestures, hand positions and clothing style.

For my personal project I started asking people on the underground if they would like to be models for my shoot. I was looking at people that seemed to have an interesting, more unique figure, and most of them were delighted and excited about this idea and I received a lot of positive answers. I still haven't been able to take any pictures, because besides the studio itself and the models, i also need fitting costumes. I have in mind 3 ideas on how to get the costumes.

The first one is buy clothing from T.K.Maxx and after shooting to return them.

The second option is to go to a Charity shop in Chelsea and look for more appropriate clothing for my project.

Another idea is to buy pieces of fabric in various colors and wrap in around the models.

As platforms, I will use :

  • website

  • facebook

  • instagram

  • linkedin

My targeted audience are people of all ages, and genders, who can afford my services, appreciate art, and they want something special.

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