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Refinement and Completion blog I

Updated: Apr 19


Now that the Refinement and Completion module has been taught to us, and through this project, I must represent my evolution as a photographer, I believe it's time to showcase the techniques we've learned over all these years.

This summer, I've had several collaborations and contracts. Wherever I had the opportunity to continue my project started 2 years ago, where I photograph people's irises. One of these contracts was for a major betting company in Romania. I had the opportunity to photograph the first league of football in Romania and to meet several football players.

It was my first encounter with the fast-paced world of sports where you have to do a lot of things in a very short time because the editor expects real-time images. I was a backup photographer in the beginning, so I didn't have much pressure on me. Later, there were other football matches where, through practice, I began to anticipate the next move of the athlete through photography.

In terms of equipment, I'm quite behind compared to professional sports photographers, but as I've learned over all these years, initially, it doesn't matter what cameras and lenses you use, but creativity and waiting for the right moment matter the most.

I started with a Sony A7RIII camera (R for higher resolution and later better quality crop) attached to a 150-600mm Sigma F 5 - 6.3 lens (which isn't very helpful to me because often I can't achieve blur behind the subject in focus). Most photographers with zoom lenses use a maximum F4. The second camera is a Sony A7III with a Sony 28-70mm F 3.5 - 5.6 lens attached. As mentioned earlier, the time for photographing sports is very limited, and it's not possible to change a lens during the game.



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