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Refinement and Completion blog IX


My original idea changed a lot. At first, I wanted to make portraits and close-ups of people's eyes, but that didn't always look right. Inspired by Sam Mellish, I switched to taking documentary-style photos arranged in groups of three.

The Beyond Limits project was tough to develop. I went for a totally different approach from my previous work. I got into sports photography because of recent events in my life. Unlike studio work, in sports photography, you can't control much. You just wait for the right moment to take the shot.

Even though my photos changed a lot in style and technique, they all aim to show off the subjects' strengths. The project became more about documenting than art. I tried lots of things to get the best results, but I faced challenges like bad weather and limited space.

I only got to go to the National Water Center once. I worked with Paralympic athletes from the GB team. Looking back, I wasn't fully prepared. But I had enough equipment to adapt. These athletes are busy training for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

I think the photos I took express what I wanted, but better planning could've made them even better, especially considering the limited time I had with the athletes.

I should've brought a lighting plan and had a backup plan. I didn't realize how little time I'd have with them. Some athletes didn't go from my studio to the gym for the second shoot, which you can see in the series, despite my efforts to cover it up.

Despite the challenges, the athletes agreed to another shoot. They got new gear for the Olympics, so we'll do another session in May, this time at the kayaks' garages.

Outdoor sports photography is unpredictable. Unlike in a studio, you can't control everything. From the weather to unexpected distractions, you have to adapt quickly.

Organizing shoots with busy athletes is tough. You need to plan everything carefully, but things can still go wrong, like some athletes missing the follow-up shoot.

I'm proud of how the photos tell a story of determination and athleticism. I want to keep improving, trying new things, and working with more athletes and organizations.

Overall, the Beyond Limits project has been a big journey for me. I've learned a lot about sports photography and storytelling. I'm excited to see where it takes me next.

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