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Refinement and Completion blog V

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Photoshoot day 27.02.2024

Arrival and Preparation:

  • Arrived at the National Water Sports Center in Nottingham on February 27, 2024, ahead of schedule to explore the location.

  • Brought all studio equipment, including three studio lights, in anticipation of the photoshoot.

Challenges Faced:

  • Noticed flooding on the sidewalk and parts of the center due to a storm the night before, posing the first challenge.

  • Initially planned to photograph athletes near the water, but flooding made it impossible.

Adaptation and Solution:

  • Met with Jack, who confirmed the flooding situation and suggested using a small room inside the building for the photoshoot.

  • Found a larger conference hall, requested occupants to move to accommodate studio setup, and began preparing for the shoot.

Photoshoot Experience:

  • Proposed iris photography to athletes based on positive feedback from previous work, which served as an effective icebreaker.

  • Conducted iris photography followed by portraits and detailed shots, lasting nearly two hours for six participants.

  • Captured training session in the gym, overcoming lighting challenges with appropriate settings and inspiration from influential photographers.

Additional Opportunities:

  • Shared a meal with participants and received an invitation from Jack to photograph their water training session from the control tower.

  • Agreed to return for additional sessions, including capturing activities in the boathouse garage.

studio shoots - second selection

gym shoots - second selection

water shoots - second selection

Athletes present at the photoshoot are from the Paracanoe department.

  1. Jack Eyers

  2. Hope Gordon

  3. Laura Sugar

  4. Emma Wiggs

  5. Ed Clitton

  6. Charlotte Henshaw

I tried to use multiple lights. Some worked, some didn't because the space was very narrow. Initially, the backlight was supposed to create the silhouette effect inspired by photographer Blair Bunting, but this technique didn't satisfy me because I didn't have enough space to push the model forward and introduce light in the background; I could only place the light beside the subject.

So, I chose to have the light positioned in front of the subject.

In these images, I tried to recreate the effect of photographer Raymond Depardon, who created a motion blur effect on 35mm film. Even though I used a digital camera, I managed to create that blur in the movement of the subject in action. I consider it a pretty good result.

I've selected these images for the final project. I'll work on them in post-production to bring them all to the same light intensity and remove any brand logos from their clothing and footwear. I also believe that the gray background suits well, directing the viewer's eyes directly to the model.

On the day of the shoot, it was a cloudy and rainy day, which is why I chose a gray background for the studio photos above. While shooting outside, I also encountered gray tones, which I believe will create a chromatic connection between these photographs.

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