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Refinement and Completion blog VI



The primary visual issue is that the subject appears as if it's floating. Even though I intend to represent the iris, which is my signature as a photographer, I feel it doesn't fit well.

Later, I attempted to increase the contrast between the subject and the iris by leaving the subject in black and white, as the French photographer who inspired me, Francis Giacobetti, did with portraits and iris. However, even in this case, I find it visually mismatched, although this time I chose to have the iris only halfway, as a complement to the subject.

Considering that I also have subjects in wheelchairs and their positions vary, I decided to visually experiment with how these images would look with half of the iris on the right side as a complement. However, I didn't like this visual result either.

In this subsequent test, I decided to create a visual composition between the portrait of the subject photographed in the studio and a water training action. I encountered the same issue as before; the subject appears to float in the image, which I don't think looks good. Therefore, I abandoned the compositions involving multiple images.

Examining the work of the photographer Sam Mellish, I decided to compose a triptych consisting of the portrait taken in the studio, a gym training session, and the water training action. These images united in this way give me the impression of being an article for a newspaper.

In these experiments, I tried to see how the difference in color and thickness of the background looks alongside the three photographs united in the triptych, as well as an experiment of transforming the images into black and white. I believe it's best to keep the images in color, with the edges around the three images being gray, as the predominant tone in these images is gray.

Even though I wanted to try adding the Union Jack flag to this experiment, I believe it's too cluttered.

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