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Refinement and Completion blog VII



I chose this project to represent these giants of sports. Personally, I believe athletes are extremely valuable individuals who are willing to make sacrifices. But athletes with disabilities are superheroes! These extraordinary individuals, even though they have certain physical or mental disabilities, have the power to be competitive and extremely professional. As the title I chose for this project suggests, BEYOND LIMITS is about their physical strength and sacrifices to achieve success.

The photographic project BEYOND LIMITS is a collaboration with multiple Paralympic athletes belonging to the GB team's canoe department. I was invited to the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham, where I photographed the canoe team in several locations. The first photoshoot was conducted in a small photo studio, then we captured images in the gym, and finally, I photographed the athletes during their water exercises.

On that day, it was overcast, so I decided from the outset to use grayscale tones because I wanted all the photos to have the same chromatic tone. For editing, I chose to use the triptych technique to tell the champions' story through images.

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