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Updated: Jun 22

I consider that this UNIC project is an ongoing research. Starting from the chosen marketing campaign, I decided to make myself known on social media not by paying for advertising, but by creating various collaborations with public figures and aligning my image with those who are much more famous than myself. This technique has been studied since the beginning of my project, analyzing the profiles of public figures on Instagram and observing their immense views.

As you can see in the images, I have chosen actors, athletes, musicians who have accepted to share the image on their public pages, which has provided me with maximum visibility.

Furthermore, I sought to represent my image as best as possible in television programs, and I believed it was important to dress appropriately for my project. I searched on Instagram to create unique t-shirts, and I found an artist who hand-paints t-shirts to present a more professional image.

Considering that the t-shirts were quite expensive due to being hand-painted, I proposed a barter where I would advertise the artist who paints them, and the proposal was accepted.

I was quite inspired by closely following the marketing strategy of many influencers present on social media.


Another search I conducted was for the prices to create a professional website. My personal opinion, after speaking with several prestigious photographers, was to let a website expert create and maintain the website. I sent several emails in the UK to get three quotes for the cost of creating a professional website, and also in my home country where I believed the prices would be more affordable. My search is not only to create that website but also to make the website as visible as possible in various Google searches by my potential clients.

In the United Kingdom, prices vary between £1200 - £3500 to create a website and between £350 - £500 per month to manage the website monthly.

In Romania, prices vary between £650 - £1200 to create a website and between £150 - £240 per month to manage the website monthly.


As for the printing for this final exhibition, I compared prices again between the UK and Romania where there were substantial differences. The price to print on secured glass at The Print Space in London, at a size of 50 x 75 cm, is £750 per piece. In Romania, the price for the same printing technique is £120. Indeed, I have shipping costs from Romania to London, but considering the prices, I have a very high profit margin to cover these costs as well.


For promoting the exhibition, I decided to contact several newspapers in London. I searched for the email addresses of the editorial offices of the most important newspapers on the internet and sent a press release announcing my exhibition and that of my colleagues at Morley Gallery. Additionally, I studied how to compose a press release and how many days in advance it should be sent to the editorial office.


PHOTOLOGY 2024 Exhibition Showcases Emerging Talent at Morley Gallery

London, [Date] - Morley College is proud to announce PHOTOLOGY 2024, a vibrant showcase of photography talent, taking place at The Morley Gallery in Waterloo from July 3rd to 6th, 2024. This eagerly anticipated exhibition will feature an exciting array of work from graduating BA students alongside participants from HNC/HND photography programs, highlighting the diversity and depth of talent fostered at Morley College.

This year marks a significant milestone as five mature students make history by graduating with a BA in Photography. Their groundbreaking degree projects will be on display, reflecting their dedication in navigating both digital and analogue realms to offer fresh perspectives in creative communications.

PHOTOLOGY 2024 invites visitors to engage with the students and explore their work, which captures the essence of a rapidly evolving society. The exhibition delves into contemporary contexts through various photographic disciplines, showcasing innovative digital and analogue prints that challenge and inspire.

"We are thrilled to present PHOTOLOGY 2024, an exhibition that celebrates the culmination of hard work and creativity from our talented students," said [Name], [Title] at Morley College. "This event is not only a testament to their artistic growth but also an opportunity for the public to experience compelling visual narratives that resonate with our times."

The exhibition will open with a private view on July 3rd from 6-8pm, offering a first look at the exceptional talent on display. Admission to the exhibition is free, and both digital and analogue prints will be available for sale.

Event Details:

  • Dates: July 3rd – July 6th, 2024

  • Private View: July 3rd, 6-8pm

  • Location: Morley Gallery, 61 Westminster Bridge Rd, London, SE1 7HT

  • Admission: Free

For more information, please visit or contact 07720220785..

Don't miss PHOTOLOGY 2024 at Morley Gallery, where innovation meets creativity in the heart of London's artistic community.

This press release was sent to my database of journalists and newspapers in London.

I also created a virtual exhibition where we, the student exhibitors, uploaded our images to be visible online. This virtual exhibition was created by me following the original plans of Morley Gallery, adhering to the measures outlined in the original plans.



Unfortunately, as seen in the attached images below, the only ones who submitted their works with all the specific details required are myself and Nick. Even though I have requested several times for the images with the printing sizes, they have not been provided to me as of June 22, 2024, at the time of writing this blog.

Another mission of mine was to manage the Morley College Photography Instagram account and guide my colleagues in preparing text and hashtags for promoting their work as photographers on the college's page.

In this mission, I consider it to have been a failure. As you can see in the posts, the first one features the poster, which was shared by several people and the two sponsors of the exhibition. Regarding my colleagues, I have encountered the same issue where I do not have the necessary materials to make posts on Instagram. We only have three posts present: Anne Marie's, Nick's, and mine. Every day, I ask on WhatsApp groups to send me materials, and every day I am told that I will receive them today.

Also, you can see an increase in views on the page once I started managing it.

I contacted Mina and sent her all the information about the exhibition to create an event on Facebook. Personally, I do not have access to the Morley College Photography page because the college's Facebook page is an extension on Mina's personal profile.

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