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Shoots from the projects

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I decided to shoot a set of portraits in the split light technique. I had different shootings during the half term, and until now I made about 14 portraits.

I think that this shooting would work much better, if I could mini-cabin where the sitter would have a fixed place, so the light remained motionless. (like a photobox for food commercials or jewelry commercial). Even if my colleagues mentioned that the pictures are not perfectly aligned, still all 6 frames were controlled with the help of virtual axes in lightroom. The reason which gives the effect as if the pictures were not symmetrical, is due to the light source, which was not always positioned at the same gradation and distance. I really like how the photo series turned out, and I would like to take it further, and play with them. My project will continue on both the photographic side (first checkpoint i would like to be at 200 portraits) but also on the graphic correction side; i will try to add text as the contour of the darker side of the face ( where the shadow is), or another idea is to make collages between macro iris photographs and the portraits.

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