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Projection & Sketches

Updated: Jun 11

The title of this project has changed from Beyond Borders to Contemporary Addictions.

I watched about a dozen religious movies from which I studied the moments and interaction with Jesus, looking carefully at the clothes from that era to use them in my project, but also the gestures and mimicry of the actors so I could capture them in my frames, for authenticity.

I started the project by sketching and preparing the necessary details for the start of the shooting. I searched on amazon for outfits and other clothing details appropriate for the theme. In the meantime, I started looking for suitable models for the project.

  1. Coffee addiction

  • white clothes with blue dots

  • the model must have a beard and have a darker skin tone representing the specific geographic area

  • the coffee will be poured from a modern moka into a transparent cup, preferably hot to see the steam coming out of the cup.

2. Gambling addiction

  • considering that it is about gambling I chose the white gold clothes with a red dot in the middle

  • In the hand you will see the playing cards in the foreground and if you look closely you can see a card hidden in the sleeve signifying sadness

  • The other hand outstretched will show the money won or lost

3. Pills addictions

  • this person must be aesthetically similar to Jesus with long hair and a beard

  • on the head I was thinking of adding a crown of thorns and the garment should be only white and blue

  • the hands will be joined and will contain different types of modern pills

  • in this image I try to represent Jesus so that the sign of the cross must also be present in the aura.

4. Shopping addiction

  • in this image I would like a male model to bring a female figure as well

  • we often associate women with compulsive shopping, but there are also men who have this addiction

  • just like the other images, the subject will be dressed in a long white shirt but also with a preferably brown or orange stain, trying to represent an expensive and well-known brand in the fashion sector

  • The subject will pick up the shopping nets and look to the sky for forgiveness.

5. Porn addiction

In a modern and technological age, more and more people are obsessed with virtual sex

  • I would like a young model but it won't be a saint this time but I was thinking it would be an angel (without aura) in its hands it will hold a tablet (modern) and on the tablet you can see a pornographic image (from my archive to hold rights)

  • The wings must be large and imposing.

6. Alcohol addiction

Even if alcohol is an addiction, it is impossible not to include it in the project nowadays.

  • I would also like an assama model with Jesus holding 3 bottles of wine in his hand (3 is a sacred number in the Catholic and Orthodox religions) and with the other hand giving the blessing in a religious style

  • he has to have a beard and long hair

  • I was also thinking of using red and blue colors on a white background.

7. Drug addiction

Synthetic drugs are all the rage.

  • I decided to look for a model that can hold a (modern) tablet in its hand and cocaine can be seen on it, it is a modern drug that is very consumed these days

  • I was thinking of using that white shirt with gray and to bring color and draw attention to the model's face I was thinking of adding a red dot to the head.

8. Last supper -MASTERPIECE

As a masterpiece, I intend to represent all the images described above in one.

  • Jesus will be the centerpiece at the table and he will have an internet modem in front giving internet to everyone

  • people around him will be formed in groups of 3 people just like after the original painting trying to catch the Wii-fii and save themselves

  • one man will betray him and this will be the Jew who with a big pair of scissors in his hand will try to cut the cable and stop the connection (left side 4th person)

  • the table will be full of the vices exposed above

  • the photo studio must be large to accommodate 13 people.

Also, knowing that I would not have such a large studio available to take a single photograph of The Last Supper, I decided to divide the photograph into several groups of people, photograph them individually, and later merge everything into a single image during post-production.

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