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Specific Research on Painters

The research for the project was based more on analysing paintings. I flew to Budapest to see the religious paintings by IL GRECO in the Museum of Fine Arts, and I have observed carefully the lights used in these masterpieces. I also paid attention to how the painters represented the holy values in the Catholic religion.

IL GRECO was a Spanish Mannerist painter of Greek origin, a mysterious personality, both in terms of the specifics of his style and because of his incomplete biography. Best known for his paintings on religious themes and as a portraitist. In several of El Greco's paintings, the figures are noticeably elongated. Some analysts have suggested that a possible refraction error in the artist's eye could be the cause of this peculiar way of seeing. However, it is more likely to assume that these pictures were (should) have been placed on a vertical wall surface, but high compared to the eyes of the viewer standing in front of them, and then the affine distortion outlined in the figure reproduces the correct proportions in the eyes of the viewer.

I realized that their works are very complex, and even the smallest detail, such as the tonality of the picture, can radically change its message or mood.

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