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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

After a long series of trying and failing I finally created my signature design.

For my signature, I wanted a handwrited-effect design, so I started using these kind of fonts. I tried 22 different fonts, and I was not happy with any of these.

Being such a creative artist, after the first try, I change de " PHOTORGAHPY" to " LIGHT PAINTER", because i found it more interesting and photography without light won't be anything. These are all of my attempts, but none of them made me happy, they just were not what I was looking for.

After those attempts I started all over again, and as a first change, I gave up with the "lgith painter" idea, because after more thoughts, I came up with the idea that I don't have to explain my status, but only my name on the picture is perfect enough.

I looked and searched a lot on the internet of different font types, I even searched for apps and sites to create my own font type, but the free versions were to weak, and the professional ones would charge my.

I had to be creative, so I looked at my many tries, and I started to select the letter which I liked.

I decomposed the letters, and I added different font types to almost every letter. One of the biggest issues was, that every font had each own place and size. So I had to decompose the letter, otherwise would have been a mess, because a few letter would have been above, another below, some would have been larger and some smaller.

I changed the "dru" and " adu".

After playing and changing the letter with different fonts, I have reached the desired result.

It is UNIQE and different, and I would not have to worry that it looks like someone else's signature.

I created two types of signatures, both for darker and ligher pictures too.

Here are my final results with the logo added too.

The Final LOOK

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