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· Types of light used : 2 torch lights which I used to lighten the artist while painting; and 2 phone flashlight which the artist used for painting

· Camera I used: Sony a7ii

· lens: Sigma 16mm 1.4 F

· tripod

· I used 2 timers

· The first timer was the 30 second shutterspeed

· The 2nd indicated the moment when i had to put the light on the artist for about 5 seconds

· geometric elements related to the inspiration of Picasso: cubes, pieces of square stone, tiles, bricks, lines from the dryer. Picasso always has doors, stands, chairs and other geometric elements around him.

To get this type of photographs, I put the camera on the tripod, to have a fixed, stable point. As a setting, I used low shutterspeed ( 30 second) , and a low iso : 100, so I will not have noise in the picture, also for a litthe depth of the field i shoot between F5 and F6.

Shooting in 30 second, I had to keep an eye on the timers, so I can enlighten the artist for a ghosty effect ; for that I used artificial light from the flashlight.

I turned on the light between the 20th second and 25th second, so exactly seconds for each picture, to have the same effect.

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