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To be continued...

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I tried a combination of two images, one being a portrait and the other a macro, and I think it offers a very good effect. Due to lack of time and lockdown, it was not possible a macro shooting with all participants yet. I consider that it is a very good idea to develop in the future.

I even tried to alter the colours to the extreme with a high contrast and saturation, as you can see in the pictures. Although after all the tests, and photoshopping, I stayed with the greenish tint, beccause it is much more interesting, and it offers a uniqueness to the pictures. In photosop I altered the colour, to be as close as possible to the reality, but it hadn't a strong impact, and another photoshopping attempt was, a Black and White modification, which did not pleased me either, because it hides the essence of the photo, which is to see the different skin colour and tone of the person.

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