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Unit 33 - Tasks

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The role of technology in art & design/photography

Task 1 - HOME

For this task, I was asked to represent in an image what home means to me. I decided to represent it through a sewing machine, which my grandmother always used when I was a little boy.

The sewing machine how it looked like:

I had to find a sewing machine. I remembered that in a place where I, as a builder, was renovating, near my home, was a sewing machine similar to my grandmother's. I made the connection immediately, and i went there directly. In the 60 minutes task which we were given I tried to capture an image as familiar as possible to me.

Final image

You can see a fireplace in the back, and an air heater because where I grew up in Romania the summers are very hot. Also in the background you can see a child seat, and you can see the old manual machine with the pedal. The shooting point is close to the table, trying to reproduce the view from a child's eyes. (This was my perspective, as I remember)

It is a reproduction of an image from my childhood.


Task 2 - Design and art in the role of technology

For this task of representing the role of technology in art & design, I made a connection with my first image. I photographed a Security Alarm Motherboard, made with chip, which means the technology part. At the same time the sewing machine representing the vintage,the old force of manual labor. As a third side through the grass I wanted to represent Green Technology, which we should adopt more and more.

Final image

General Evaluative Comment:

As I am a person who really likes contrasts, this time I suprised myself with the outcome of the idea of combining 3 totally different components:

  • Vintage - sewing machine

  • Green technology - grass

  • Smart technology - chip

.... in the same image.

It can certainly work very well as I noticed that "I'm a fan of counter-time mini-tasks." I love to work under pressure, and I really like to push my limits. I'll definitely adopt this technique in other projects too.

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