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Weef the artist

Weef Smith is an artist born in Leeds in 1955. He was a student at Castleton Elementary School. He was captured and sentenced to 5 years of hard labor at Gotts Park High School. Here he was beaten, mainly by the teachers. Thrown into the factory power mode, Mr. Guy escaped with the help of the appropriate professor, who smuggled him into Jacob Kramer College of the Arts. Life has begun. He closed his two-color Mohair suit, bought an Afghan coat, grew his hair, and bought a pair of Lennon glasses. After sex, medicine and a rock'n'roll lifestyle, he dropped out of college and started his career at West Yorkshire Road Car Co as a bus conductor. Inspired by the poetry of Roger McGough and Spike Milligan in antiquity, Viv Stanshall and Kenny Everett have decided to devote themselves to writing and cartoons.

After a year at the University of Leeds. He doesn't work as a doorman, but in the design department. He gave up everything and managed to cross the border into the darkest of Scotland. A year later, his drawings were published in the Edinburgh Evening News and then in the Times Education Supplement. For five years, as a critic of the Evening News, he visited the galleries of Edinburgh.

One day, however, he was discovered. and then the work dried up. To date, it is not possible to know whether the author died in a serious printing accident, as he would have liked on his way to South Fum. Years on Fleet Street have been spent under hot metal washing, flat beer, mulled wine, and deadlines.

After searching all known Picasso museums in Europe, he got to know Crete. Here he made and sold local stage scenes in the dark of the pubs. Now let's go back to Clapham's apartment. Nowadays, he has been working as a designer for several years and has just started a vacation to spend more time painting, drawing and panicking.

Weef holds a master's degree in printing.

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