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ACID - Collective Decision

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

A. Project name

Each one came with a personal title opinion and we all decided together that the ACID title that Roman suggested, would be the most appropriate title, because it embraces all 4 concepts.

I personally agreed with Roman's idea, because it reflects my project very well and I was able to use my title option as a subtitle : "TOXIC"

Mind map

B. Collective research

- in college library comparing different layouts

As a group, we decided to go for a 30cm by 30cm (square) format.

The book inside will contain 4 chapters, and will illustrate 3 different layouts.

  1. Kingsley Rogers - his image will cover 3 quarters of the total of both pages and will not contain captions or other texts

  2. Maria Green: - the exposed layout is the same as Kingsley's, which personally I like, because it offers a balance to the book. Maria's pictures are displayed in 3: 4 without text.

  3. Roman Hajduk, decided just like me to go in a 1: 1 square version. Leaving a white frame of about 4cm - which personally gives me an effect of order and cleanliness, especially since our book is in square format.

  4. Alexandru Radu Popescu - I chose a 1: 1 format (square) with an alternation of arial and camera images. The photo, covers the entire page except for the portraits that have a 1.5cm white frame. I considered that the white frame, embraces the image and offers a powerfull senset to it. I also tried to unite 2 different images and create the illusion for the viewer that it would be a single image.

The difference between me and Roman's layout is that his frame is thicker than mine, but still offers a connection for the images.

C. Collective meeting

- debating ideas on solucion, how to shoot plan A with plan B - explained from each one

D. Colours

The color decision was made based on the dominant color in each project, in a collective meeting.

E. Planning dates,

- and deadlines for shooting, organizing a new meeting, each with visual material : photograph.

D. Timeline

Date Tasks Person

23 June Submit everything All

23 June Exhibition Start date

12 June Review virtual exhibition All

11 June Send Book for printing Roman

10 June Review printing quality of Nphoto prints Roman

9 June Build virtual Exhibition on Alex

9 June Present Book in Class

9 June Discuss info for Exhibition in class Kingsley & Maria

9 June Discuss plan for social media Alex

5 June Final Book discussion on zoom All

4 June Deadline for photos & Text to insert into Template All

2 June Proof reading of statements and introduction Maria

29 May Zoom meeting : discuss colour palette

26 May Photoshoots all completed & 6 images ready All

26 May Discuss book layout and make solid decisions

25 May Artist Statements to Maria All

22 May Send Introduction to team for approval Maria

22 May Zoom meeting

8 May 1st Zoom meeting : discuss titles of each project

8 May Discuss book cover design

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