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Updated: Apr 25, 2021

The first shooting was at the artist, Weef Smiths house. I made this project with a 12mm lens, F2.8 ultra wide angle, manual, to capture as much of the room as possible, and give the artist as much space as possible to work on. The light source which was used, was the mobile phone's flashlight. The effect from the flashlight was good, and the external light was the lights of the room, but it was too bright, too visible, so i switched off the lights to create a bigger contrast, with a darker background.

After i turned off the lights of the room, it was so much better, because the contrast was great, and the painting stood out. I was very glad with the outcome, but i wanted to play with a torch light to freeze some of the artists movement.

With a little light source added, it created another effect; the background is visible, but not so bright as to lose the portrait; at the same time the artist appears as a ghost in the picture. I like this effect of seeing a little of the painter's body, and I will use it in the next shootings.

I tried to use a different color light, but it didn't impress me at all, it didn't stand out enough, so I gave up this idea pretty quickly after seeing the pictures.

The pictures are good, but i would want the final 6 portraits in different places of the house. I will repeat the shooting in several locations, for diversification, and to avoid monotony.

I shot in different locations, howerever I am still not pleased with the results, because I find the pictures monotonous and boring, and they did not have the impact I wanted.


4 martie 2021

The second attempt was still in the house of the artist on 04.03.2021. I used just one yellow phone light, and I still struggled with the light. Through several tests, I realized that throwing approx. 5 seconds of light on the artist creates the ghosty effect which I looked for. I also realized that I need several stopwatches to constantly observe the 30 seconds of the long shutterspeed. I learned how to redirect the artificial light on the subject, without altering the graffiti.

The second attempt was much better, but still not what I wanted, because I was not pleased with the location. I realized that it would be better to go out with the photos, because outside I can find a lot more geometric shapes, and cubism to associate as much as possible with Picasoo.

After noticing the contact sheet, I drew the scenes we were going to shoot in the third shooting.


The third attempt was already outside, in the artist's garden on 09.04.2021. I used the same technical props , throughout the whole project: same camera, lenses and flashes. This time I had decided to shoot in the garden, where I have the background that I want : with bricks, tiles and the cubist elements.

I am satisfied with how I drew/imagined 5 of the 6 pictures, and as you can see in the sketch, I changed the order, because i find it more suitable this way, because the story made much more sense. I created the end of the story, in the following order: Him, Her, The meeting, Family, Problems- Childbirth, Running .

I sketched the last scene, where the artist draw the family left behind and he is immortalized trying to escape as he did in real life.

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