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Refinement and Completion blog IV

Updated: 6 days ago

Research athletes to accept the project

In the initial stage, I began to research the various disciplines that are part of the Paralympic Games and to identify the athletes involved in them. This research and identification stage is crucial for establishing a database of potential subjects for the photographic project. By identifying and understanding the different Paralympic sports disciplines, as well as the remarkable athletes who practice them, I can create a comprehensive list of candidates for my project's photographs. This approach allows me to better understand the diversity and complexity of Paralympic sports and to select subjects that represent a wide range of talents and performances within them.

This way of researching is really thorough and works well. Finding articles about Paralympic athletes and writing down their names. Then, checking the official website of the British Paralympic Association to make sure the information is accurate. This helps me understand each athlete really well. Learn about their backgrounds, what they've achieved, and what they're doing now. This is super helpful for my project. By using both outside sources and official websites, I'm getting a good overall view of the athletes and their stories. It'll definitely make my project better and show how diverse and talented the Paralympic community is.

Later, I began to search for the associations to which these athletes belong, and I sent an email outlining my proposal to photograph them as part of my project.

The emails were resent after a period of about three weeks as a gentle reminder.

Considering that almost two months had passed without receiving any response from the associations, I decided to once again seek the help of the Romanian Paralympic Association and inquire if any of the Romanian athletes were in contact with athletes from the United Kingdom. After a few days, I received an affirmative response, providing me with the contact information for the rower Jack Eyers, who is a double world champion and European champion.

I contacted Jack on Facebook, sending him a message about who I am and about the project. Since we were not in the "friends" category, he didn't see the message, and again, time passed. Seeing these circumstances and feeling pressed for time, I decided to ask for help again from my friend in Romania who knew him personally to introduce me directly. After a few days, I received a response from Jack, and we began to organize a potential photoshoot. He suggested that I come to Nottingham to the sports base where he trains, and he offered to speak with his colleagues to be part of the project. After many messages and issues with their schedule, it was decided that the photoshoot would take place at the National Water Sports Center in Nottingham on February 27, 2024.

The Olympics are just six months away, and this is indeed the major challenge in finding the necessary time for this photoshoot.

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